Privacy policy

Advisory note on article 13 D.LGS 30th of June 2003, n.196 and all later modifications.
Dear customer, in compliance with the ” regulations on the subject of the protection of personal data” (D.LGS.30th June 2000 n. 196 and all later modifications) below you will find a copy of the actual law, we therefore inform you that:

  • Any personal data supplied to AUTOCARROZZERIA ALBO s.a.s when filling out the registration form on this webpage is treated using automated processes, with controlled access and according to methods set out by the law and relative updates in its use, in total compliance with said law and all obligations of privacy contemplated in it;
  • Treatment of personal data according to the law, means any procedure or set of procedures, carried out with or without the support of electronic or automated devices, regarding the collection, registration, organisation, conservation, handling, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, usage, interconnection, blockage, communication, disclosure, deletion and distribution of said data;
  • All data is treated with official objectives, in connection with or useful to the business of AUTOCARROZZERIA ALBO s.a.s. as for example conservation in the AUTOCARROZZERIA ALBO s.a.s. Database for which you are filling out the form, processing, managing contact data and in particular:
  • In accordance with obligations set out by laws connected to civil, fiscal and accounting rules, pertaining to the administrative management of activities carried out by AUTOCARROZZERIA ALBO s.a.s.
  • To carry out activities such as direct mailing and/or direct marketing, for promotional services, on its own behalf or on behalf of third parties and also for the organisation of subordinate activities such as your example quizzes, games, contests, etc.
  • For market researching purposes, regarding online marketing and communication, also in collaboration with partners, as for example, research institutes, public or private foundations, associations.
  • With regards to the treatment of personal data, customers can enforce their rights, mentioned in article 7, also through a mandate or authorisation to another person or an association.
  • All data is stored in a database and may be disclosed to the following subjects:
  1. AUTOCARROZZERIA ALBO s.a.s. staff, in charge of personal data treatment
  2. Other controlled, controlling, connected companies;
  3. Other partners with the purpose of market researching;
  4. Other companies that carry out ancillary functions.
  • The responsibility of the data treatment is on behalf of AUTOCARROZZERIA ALBO s.a.s.
  • The person in charge of data treatment is Maurizio Gianni.
  • To have your personal data modified or deleted send an e-mail request.

With regards to the aforementioned purposes, treatment of data is carried out using hardcopies and digital copies (and through information technology methods), in order to guarantee the safety and the privacy of the data, and total respect the law. All data in the database will be stored at the premises of AUTOCARROZZERIA ALBO s.a.s. located in Via Giordania, Olbia, for the time required by the law.

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