ALBO Car Body Repair provides a vast range of services to enhance the array of traditional car repair jobs you can expect to find at a car body repair firm.

Repairing cars is our world and it’s a world we know, thanks to decades of experience and so it’s natural for us to support the customer, get the repairs done properly, govern repair costs and, wherever possible, to avoid leaving the customer without his car for long periods.

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Keys recovery

Have you locked your car keys inside your car?Are you far from home and have to walk all the…

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Insurance practices

Recent legislation and consolidated practises have changed the way in which we deal with insurance companies. Car owners, who have…

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Courtesy Car services

ALBO Car Body Repair can provide courtesy cars to all customers having to leave their vehicles at the firm for…

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Salvage of damaged vehicles

If you have had an accident and your car is seriously damaged or does not even start, you can contact…

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Car glass replacement

ALBO Car Body Repair provides car glass repairs and replacement for all kinds of vehicles from numerous car manufacturers, such…

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