Generations of Car Body Repair experience

ALBO Car Body Repair has been taking care of your cars for over three generations. Albo is a brand so widely known that it has become a second name to the Gianni family’s members, who have run this company for many years. Passion for beautiful things, the care taken into doing a good job and consideration for its customers are the values that have inspired the work of this company for decades.

Even today, despite the hectic world we live in, ALBO Car Body Repair still finds time to dedicate its energies to near forgotten arts such as historical car and coach renovation or to carry out customized work on demand or to cater for off-road enthusiasts’ needs. Ever more often, ALBO also puts its expertise to use in repairing or renovating objects that often have very little to do with cars, but which require particular spray paint methods and/or surface finishes. In the following pages we have attempted to outline (also with pictures) the history and the attachment to their art of three generations of craftsmen, who every day put their experience and art to the test. An art that deserves to be known and appreciated.

Find out more about our services and our work and all the products we use to bring the bodywork of your car back to its original splendour or contact us for a quotation or for technical advice. We are at your complete disposal to evaluate, together with you, the best and the quickest solution to your problems or needs and with the guarantee of the quality you can expect to receive from a company that has been taking care of cars for three generations.

Do you need any bodywork repairs because of an accident? Alternatively, has your car’s paintwork become opaque and dull over the years? Do you need to polish your headlamps? For advice or a quotation:

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